Monday, 19 July 2010

UNKLE and Heritage Orchestra at the Pavilion - a match made in heaven

Anyone who came to the Pavilion for the UNKLE and Heritage Orchestra collaboration on Saturday 10th July will identify with the enthusiasm with which I describe this awesome combination. On a particularly hot, sun-drenched Saturday people flooded the Pavilion and its grounds, flowing in from the station and ambling up from the beach. As the heat of the day subsided the intensity it brought didn't, and this was only compounded once the gig got underway.

As UNKLE and Heritage Orchestra took to the historic auditorium stage, beautiful and soulful revisions of UNKLE's career-defining anthems and new material from their acclaimed album 'Where Did the Night Fall' ensued. The crowd remained enraptured throughout and what a refreshing experience it was to hear the audience clapping and whooping and being encouraged to clap and whoop between songs, despite a carefully-hung orchestral arrangement and a myriad of instruments to synchronise. Renditions of 'Lonely Soul' and 'Reign' were obvious highlights, employing the vocal talents of Elle J, Gavin Clark and father of UNKLE, James Lavelle. Newer songs such as 'The Healing' were a disarming a reminder of that special something UNKLE continues to provide its live audiences. The light show was spell-binding in itself. Designed by Lavelle's brother, a web of green lasers were projected into the crowd.

The Pavilion lends itself perfectly to this off-beat mixture of musical genres with its interlinking spaces utilsed interesting ways; the outside terrace bar, the afterparty that continued with a DJ playing into the night at the foot of the iconic spiral staircase and the auditorium, packed with memories of shows-past but still fresh in it's role as a host to popular and experimental music's greatest performers.

All in all the show was a little slice of 'Heaven' - please excuse the pun (and see tracklistings for the night!) - and simply not to be forgotten.

Pictures of the gig will follow shortly - if you have any of your own please share them!

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