Friday, 30 July 2010

Last Random Fridays before summer break

TONIGHT - Don't miss the last Random Fridays before a summer break...and it's going to be a cracker!

Tonight's free event mixes up film, dance and live music in the Pavilion's upstairs galleries, from 7pm.

The night kicks off with Secrets of the Content, a short film by Tom Pickard. Based on the 1935 short story 'A Day Saved' by Graham Greene, the film carefully adapts the story to present itself in a contemporary time but staying true to the vintage narrative language that Greene wrote back in his early days as a writer.

The story is told through the eyes of intense protagonist Robinson, a lonely wanderer who obsessively stalks an everyday businessman through the streets of a modern London. When his routine takes a sudden diversion, his world is thrown into turmoil and uncertainty. He feels a connection to this man; he holds something that Robinson deeply, despairingly wants but he does not understand what it is or why he wants it so.

Secrets of the Content was shot over four days on location in West and East London.

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The evening continues with Die and Die Again, a solo dance piece by Cat Casbon with music provided by Random favourites AK/DK. The piece draws inspiration from ideas behind Ivan Navarro’s sculpture Die Again. By physically responding to light and darkness, Casbon addresses Navarro's approach to the visual qualities of his artwork but also picks up on metaphors relating to the social and political climate in Santiago, Chile at the time of Pinochet's military dictatorship when Navarro was growing up. Exploring themes of 'social illumination', the solo suggests that beneath an attractive facade, social injustice and inequality still remain. The dynamic tension of attraction and replusion is an important part of this astounding piece of choreography.

Live music follows from turntables duo Fidgital, who using turntables, loving bring together the opposing worlds of classical and hip hop in an almighty reckoning! Imagine chilli and chocolate...Finished imagining? Meet Fidgital.

From 7pm, FREE admission. Indulge in a unique night out with late night random revelry at Random Fridays.
For more information call the Box Office on 01424 229 111 or visit our Random Fridays page on our website.

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