Monday, 8 February 2010

Not just any weekend, but a Vampire weekend!

And what a monster of a start to the weekend it was, (I am still in recovery now as it was quite a day!). Having only heard Vampire Weekend on CD I thought i had an idea about the way they would sound live however on peeking my head in for sound check i realised that this sound was a lot bigger than the CD suggested and that is the beauty of seeing and act live! There were loud and lively drums, a bouncing bass line to rival the most sub heavy of ska nights! And soaring vocals and synths across the top!It was GREAT!

It was a real pleasure to have the whole crew and band in the building and they seemed excited to be starting off the tour in our venue.

The beauty of working and being at the De La Warr is the atmosphere on the show day, and general public can witness that too, its like the auditorium is murmuring and humming all day as a mere pre cursor to the explosiveness of the evening! And then the magic comes, 6:30pm doors open and in pours the public, and it was great to see so many new faces in the crowed looking around at the auditorium as if they didn't know this place existed before Vampire Weekend. It was a joy to see, even more of a joy was hearing Ezra cry "How you doing Bexhill?" To which there was a massive roar, and i thought good for you Bexhill you be as loud as you like, this definitely no longer the quiet venue of years passed, we are making a noise and will continue to do so!

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