Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Coming up this season, we also have out new night "Other" thus named as it seeks to showcase the best of the new that is unclassified with regards to genre! We've all been there when someone asks you to define a sound and the difficult response of "Well.....its a little bit folk, a little bit jazz, with a hint of metal and opera..." that does sound like a frightening genre to behold but none the less "Other" seems to fit with us. The idea of the other option or the other alternative, so coming up on this bill we have the Mecury winning Speech Debelle, The Invisible and Micachu and the Shapes, all of whom excel both in and out of their genres. Speech's combination of beats and poetry, the big beats and soulful sounds of the invisible and the audio treats of Micachu. The night itself is a true mash up of different styles, and quite and unlikely trio to grace the same stage in any "Other" (pardon the pun) format. One thing they all have in common is a distinct sound, and a inventive use of their instruments, be that Speeches vocal, The Invisbles beats and breaks and Micachus mix of zither, drum machine, bottles and acoustic instruments in the mix!

More on Random Fridays coming up next!

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