Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What we did last Saturday!

It's now Tuesday and i am still smiling like a cheshire cat after the events of Saturday, I have seen a lot of live music this year A LOT and The Heritage Orchestra with Beardyman and DJ Switch blew me away. It started out with Prokofiev's Concerto for turntables which the orchestra and DJ Switch executed with real force, and really set the tone for the evening to come. Switches scratching was impeccable as the orchestra lead the audience through the different movements of the piece, it was a interesting to see the structure within the orchestra and the decks were enveloped and embraced as a notated player.

We then moved onto the second half which was a collaboration initiated at the pavilion between Beardyman and the Orchestra. Battling the cello at first Beardyman called out with his cello and the orchestra played back, it was a gentle start after the Concerto and it took a while for the crowed to settle as i dont think anyone was expecting what played out over the next hour and a half. It became a battle of beats, strings, percussion woodwind and brass and as the improvised set built up, broke out and ran away with itself , it left the mass of people in the stalls jumping and screaming for more, this was not your average night at the Orchestra, on top of the different genres that played out, including drum n bass, dubstep, disco there were moments of beautiful melodies from the orchestra minus the big beats, overlayed with Beardymans amazing vocal, this guy is so much more than a beatboxer.

. The visuals provided by Bartosz for the evening provided the perfect back drop for the Orchestra as the images jarred and punctuated notes and rhythms following flawlessly with the ever-changing sounds playing out on stage. Looking at the back drop it was as if the improvised set was being written out visually buy the images behind.

If you weren't there it's hard to describe or comprehend the little bit of magic that took off and marked the start of the Heritage Orchestra's residency with the De La Warr, however on Sunday a flurry of you tube clips went up so have a look for yourself. I'm so excited to see what happens next, never have i seen an orchestra and players so full of life, every person on that stage was having fun and just as excited to see where the next five minutes would take them as were the 1000 in the crowed.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave this a chance and supported this new venture, I have no doubt that you enjoyed it as there was no one in there who wanted it to end! Make sure you keep your eyes fixed to the website for what is happening next!!

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