Thursday, 5 November 2009

Midori, LeafCutter, Juliet and that Random Friday feeling

Where has the week gone, I've been lost in cloud of looking for film for next season, and tieing things up for the Heritage next point is that Random fridays has snuck up on me again, no sooner have we had one than the other one comes round the corner, I always find it sets me up for the weekend, especially when you're tired and got that friday feeling, gives a good injection of something exciting to lift you back up, it also means i get to spend time in the building as opposed to the office, which is always good as I sometimes forget what a great space I work in. SO...Juliette Russell is going to performing around the building utilising the staircase in some way which is going to look good, as well as have a kind of surround sound affect, that staircase has such a dramatic quality, still unsure as to how the Leafcutter John and Pete Wareham colaboration is going to pan out, but they are the calibre of artist that you trust to come up with something musically exciting, their numerous projects speak for themselves, and i cant wait to see Midori, she has this kind of Sigur Ros quality about her which i love.
Right back to work....
P.S Has anyone seen this months east yet? Looks really good.

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