Thursday, 11 November 2010

Random Fridays is back!!

I love the fact that Bexhill is so unique and that an experimental programme of arts can attract such a rich medley of folk. ' Exactly what art should be!' I cry from my pores. I love Random Fridays in that creativity has the option to flow so freely with such an open minded audience and lets artists relax into their work, allowing some magic to happen. Perhaps a slightly more extreme example was watching Bela Emerson's 5 month old daughter bop along to her performance!

Spacedog - The Angliss sisters didn't disappoint in anyway. Together with a fabulous flashing red-eyed crow, robotic doll and theremin, the ladies mesmerised.
Overlap - Please come back Michael Denton. Gallery 2 was packed out in its current form of a 60-person cinema for this one. A perfect end to the night.

The Bar on RF is well and truly set, I love this country - no end to unique experimental folk quietly pushing the boundaries!

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