Monday, 11 October 2010

A living legend at the De La Warr

I am pleased to say that I have seen a living legend of music in my lifetime - Duane Eddy last Saturday at the DLWP.

'Rebel Rouser' and 'Peter Gunn' were highlights of course - hearing them 'in the flesh' was an altogether superiour experience to a recording - but it was the lesser-known tracks that I particularly enjoyed. 'Stalkin', the B-side to Rebel Rouser was led by a moody blues riff and according to Duane, originated as the A-side until it was decided to swap them. I almost think I prefer the former, though it's a close one...

Duane's set was punctuated with brief tales and tit bits and I couldn't help but think what a nice bloke he appeared to be! He recalled moments he had performed or seen performances in back street smoke-filled rock/blues bars and even though we were miles removed, the songs were so evocative you could really visualise it. For a large auditorium it felt like an incredibly intimate performance.

Pete Molinari performed as support and sung classic country blues tunes in his unique and powerful vocals. Richard Hawley appeared as Duane's special guest, joining him onstage for a fantastic rendition of "The Girl on Death Row" and "Still As the Night". The warmth between them was very apparent and Duane referred to Richard as his "best friend" since starting the UK tour. Likewise Hawley's band were absolutely amazing - in particular Ron Dziubla the Saxophone player who was more than up to the challenge of 'Peter Gunn'.

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