Thursday, 29 October 2009

things back to normal ??

Today thing's are finally getting back to normal on the live team after the two huge shows that where KOC and Richard Hawley, when i say back to normal i actually mean preparing for a 32 piece orchestra, a beatboxer, a DJ and an amazing set of visuals! If you haven’t guessed I'm talking about the launch of the Heritage Orchestra as opposed to some kind of party, although it will have that feel to it. Really excited about the residency with The Heritage as it will enable us to create and initiate some really interesting collaborations, (some of you may have seen the heritage with Dizzee at the electric proms) If you haven't had a chance to check out DJ Switch or Beardyman then do because what they do is amazing, i was listening to a session Beardy had on Tim Shaws Asylum where he simulates a rewind and it's just mad how authentic he sounds, so combined with the Heritage we will had a double force orchestra, along with synthesizer and an unlimited amount of human samples!! Not to mention DJ Switch! The mind boggles and being as its a new project we are all anticipating what is going to happen when they're unleashed on the stage. Bartosz is also providing visuals for the night and is using a programme he has cultivated that is audio responsive, please don’t ask me to elaborate anymore on that as my mind is not as technologically advanced as to understand, i like to think that it happens by magic or mystery......right back to work as i have to get a lovely picture of acoustic ladyland to go up on the web! More later. B


  1. Bartosz onboard now, brilliant, it is going to be filthy!!!!

  2. Indeed there's a great image in east of the visuals for devil man, random friday this week is also going to be great, really looking forward to Midori and Juliette, great to have some vocal work going on in the building that uses those immense acoustics, they will just sail around the building, also quite intrigued to see what leafcutter john and Pete Wareham are up too.